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NE Region BYC Results 2017

04 May 2017no comments Competition Results, Featured News, News

British Youth Championships
North East England Regional Results
First of all, on behalf of the NERFA Committee, a very warm and sincere thank you to all our young fencers, their parents and families and their coaches who travelled to Sheffield this past weekend to take part in the BYC finals. Altogether there were 49 entries for 18 of the 24 categories and this year there were five medal winning performances.
Congratulations go to the following all of whom won medals:
Jack Bell – Silver – U18 Boys Epee
Matt Dickinson – Bronze – U18 Boys Epee
Maddie Brown – Bronze – L8 Girls U18 Foil
Leo Zhang – Bronze – L8 Boys U16 Foil
Charity Weeks – Bronze – L8 Girls U16 Epee
And to all our other Fencers who competed with the following results:
Last 16
Poppy Chennells, Girls U14 Epee
Sadie Abel, Girls U18 Epee
Anton Fenyk, Boys U18 Foil
Charity Weeks, Girls U16 Foil
Last 32:
Alfie Bell, Boys U12 Epee
Toby Aberdeen, Boys U12 Epee
Alfred Manual, Boys U12 Epee
James Purvis-Liddelle, Boys U14 Epee
Toby May, Boys U16 Epee
Owen Atkinson, Boys U16 Epee
Andrew Whitton, Boys U18 Epee, Foil and Sabre
Jodie Hegab, Girls U12 Epee
Eve Golden, Girls U14 Epee
Emilia Robson, Girls U16 Epee
Megan Graham, Girls U16 Epee
Liam Tate, Boys U16 Foil
James Terrill, Boys U18 Foil
Tegan McCallum, Girls U16 Foil
Ben Oliver, Boys U12 Sabre
Last 64:
Alexander Purvis-Liddelle, Boys U12 Epee
Jonathan Dawson, Boys U14 Epee
Ryan Perry, Boys U14 Epee
Archie Caisley, Boys U16 Epee
Oscar May, Boys U 16 Epee
Haaruun Miller, Boys U18 Epee
Amelia Dalton, Girls U12 Epee
Raymond Geng, Boys U12 Foil
Nathaniel Smithies, Boys U14 Foil
Daniel Magor, Boys U16 Foil
Zachery Sefton, Boys U16 Foil
Calum McLelland, Boys U18 Foil
Samuel Watson, Boys U18 Foil
Gabrielle Smithies, Girls U12 Foil
Ruby Smith, Girls U12 Foil
Rebecca Conner, Girls U12 Foil
Ruby King, Girls U14 Foil
Tanziila Miller, Girls U16 Foil
Daisy Aitchison, Girls U16 Foil
Dominic Stephenson, Boys U12 Foil
Jackson Prout, Boys U14 Foil
Isaac Tissington, Boys U14 Foil
Matthew Millward, Boys U14 Foil
Carole Seheult, Chair (Interim) NorthEast England Regional Fencing Association
3rd May 2017

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