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Double silver and a bronze at British Youth Championships

Maddie Brown BYC2016









This weekend was the British Youth Championships in Sheffield where fencers who  have qualified to represent the region fight it out against the best in other regions!

The North East achieved two silver medals in the U18 Girls Epee by Victoria Hide and U18 Girls Foil by Georgia Webb.  Maddie Brown achieved a Bronze Medal in the U16 Girls Epee.
BYC Final Position Name Surname Weapon Age group
9 Toby MAY Epee U14
29 Oscar MAY Epee U14
43 Connor BRAMWELL Epee U14
48 Archie CAISLEY Epee U14
14 Jack BELL Epee U16
23 Owen ATKINSON Epee U16
25 Andrew WHITTON Epee U16
18 Thomas DICKSON Epee U18
11 Eve GOLDEN Epee U12
40 Jodie HEGAB Epee U12
21 Poppy CHENNELLS Epee U14
28 Megan GRAHAM Epee U14
29 Emilia ROBSON Epee U14
3 Madeleine BROWN Epee U16
16 Sadie ABEL Epee U16
19 Zoã« COUNTER Epee U16
41 Kari DOUGALL Epee U16
2 Victoria HIDE Epee U18
7 Amelia HIDE Epee U18
14 Georgia WEBB Epee U18
32 Alfie BELL Foil U12
51 Tiger LI Foil U12
55 Dominic STEPHENSON Foil U12
67 Mitchell SCOTT Foil U14
69 Daniel MAGOR Foil U14
73 Zachary SEFTON Foil U14
76 Kasra EHTESHAMI Foil U14
8 Anton FENYK Foil U16
35 Andrew WHITTON Foil U16
48 Jack BELL Foil U16
49 Calum MCCLELLAND Foil U16
13 Ardeshir EHTESHAMI Foil U18
20 Kai BULMAN Foil U18
24 James TERRILL Foil U18
27 Edmund HUMPHREYS Foil U18
27 Ruby KING Foil U12
6 Charity WEEKS Foil U14
50 Tanziila MILLER Foil U14
5 Madeleine BROWN Foil U16
12 Phoebe HUGHES Foil U16
23 Tegan MCCALLUM Foil U16
2 Georgia WEBB Foil U18
29 Fern RAISTRICK Foil U18
34 Ben OLVER Sabre U12
37 Liam TATE Sabre U16
45 Andrew WHITTON Sabre U16
16 Maximillian CLYDE Sabre U18
17 Phoebe HUGHES Sabre U16

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